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Mergers & Acquisitions

Lawyers at the Firm have been advising clients across the globe on their most complex and critical transactions. Our practice focusing on M&A, private equity and venture capital investment transactions is growing at an exponential rate.

Our team comprises some of the expert M&A lawyers who have time and again helped the Clients accomplish the successful M&A deals for them. Our knowledge base and extensive experience representing strategic and financial buyers and sellers gives us superior insight into the market leading to effective negotiation on imperative deal points thus giving us control from term sheet to closing.

Drawing experience from the multiple M&A transactions that the A&A M&A team have successfully brought to fruition, the Firm has gained a command over the nuances of the mergers and acquisitions in India and aiding in structuring the entry and exit routes for investors.

In a Mergers and acquisitions transaction, our team members advises on the issues concerning the following legislations :

  • The Companies Act 2013
  • The Competition Act 2002
  • The Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 (In case of cross border merger).
  • SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations 2011.
  • The Income Tax Act 1961
  • Indian Stamp Act 1899
  • The Indian Contract Act, 1872.
  • Various Central and State labour laws.


Documentation under a M&A transaction depends on the nature of transaction. However, generally the following documentation is required:

  • Documents for obtaining approval from the Board of Directors and Shareholders of both the acquirer and target company, wherever applicable
  • Scheme/Petition to be filed before the concerned authority
  • Notices to the shareholders and creditors
  • Consent from the shareholders and creditors
  • Notice to be published in newspaper
  • Public Announcement in case of acquisition of shares of a listed company
  • Various affidavits, declarations and other documents
  • Share subscription/ purchase agreement
  • Share Transfer form in case the shares are in physical form and Delivery instruction slip in case the shares are in dematerialization form.
  • Reporting to stock exchanges in a prescribed format in case of acquisition of shares of a listed company

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