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The journey from Start-up to the business giant is a challenging battle. Most start-ups need to spend time focusing on idea development and distinguishing themselves from their competitors in the market.

Finalizing the legal documents to bring these ideas to successful fruition, even though absolutely imperative and an advantage, often gets postponed. Legal help for Startups in their business formation and to cover statutory legal compliances results in laying a solid base and hassle-free operations which provides entrepreneurs/ founders/ promoters to focus on the more vital needs such as hiring, funding and finance and other processes to enable growth.

The Firm provide legal, structural and regulatory solutions specifically catering to entrepreneurs and startups to guide them through all phases of their growth process, including incorporation, structuring, compliances, funding options, employee stock options, amongst others.



Since most of our services to startups are provided on a retainer model, the cost associated is much lower than what the other firms are able to provide. We also cap our fees for most common transactions. This allows clients to know their total costs for a particular scope of work prior to commencing. We help Start-Ups to be recognized in India and avail all the benefits of the same.


Financial and legal domains interact with each other in different ways, for instance, compliances, Company Secretarial, payroll and others. Each department offers a solution tailored to their needs rather than the company’s overall needs. We offer a holistically optimal solution as our services are under one roof.


Since the Firm also advises large corporates and multinationals, our team members are able to provide startups with the relevant industry experience required by them to grow their companies into successful businesses.


The Firm over the years has been part of the journey for numerous startups and have guided them from incorporation to their various funding rounds.


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