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Nilesh Kumar


LL.B, M.Com, 

Nilesh Kumar is a seasoned Counsel within our distinguished litigation and alternative dispute resolution group, boasting an impressive decade-long career. With a proven track record, he routinely advocates for clients in a wide array of judicial forums, ranging from the highest echelons such as the Supreme Court of India and various High Courts to the grassroots District Courts. Nilesh is equally adept in handling matters before Appellate Tribunals and quasi-judicial bodies. His portfolio extends to include active involvement in numerous arbitrations, where he adeptly represents clients in cases spanning real estate, commercial disputes, and criminal litigation.

Nilesh’s expertise transcends industry boundaries, as he has provided astute guidance and representation to clients across diverse sectors. These include Automotive Sport, Banking & Finance, Chemicals, Construction, Energy, Government Enterprise/Public Sector, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, and Real Estate. He is a trusted advisor when it comes to navigating complex legal and commercial challenges, encompassing Administrative & Constitutional laws, Civil, Corporate, Commercial & Criminal Laws, Dispute Resolution, Environment, Insolvency, and Regulatory practices.

Furthermore, Nilesh has carved a niche in employment and labor laws, extending his counsel to large multinational corporations and domestic entities. His adeptness in this field ensures that clients receive comprehensive advice and guidance on a range of employment-related matters.